A fine Antwerp 17th century painted table cabinet

Date: Circa 1650

Height: 88cms (34.65 ins)
Width: 91.50cms (36.02 ins)
Depth: 44cms (17.32 ins)

An ebony and walnut banded table cabinet with Ripple moulds, the two doors open to reveal a fitted interior. The inside of the doors and the drawer fronts all painted with landscapes, oil on panels. The top lid also opens with another painting.

The landscape paintings with figures on the larger ones and classical buildings on others, a number of painters where supplying these charming panels to cabinet makers in the 17th century and include Jasper van der Lanen.

The central door opens to reveal a mirrored interior, which is removable and shows secret drawers at the rear.

similar examples but with red tortoiseshell exteriors are in the Rijks museum.

Origin: Belgium

Price: £28500.00