A full length oil on canvas of a officer

A full length oil on canvas of a officer



this full lenght portrait is of a British officer who fought during the Napoleonic Wars due to the
Orders, Decorations & Medals he's wearing: round his neck he appears to have
the Portuguese Order of the Tower & Sword, then from left to right as viewed
the Sultan's Gold Medal for Egypt (1801); the Army Gold Cross; and the
Companionship of the Order of the Bath. I would suggest that the uniform is that of a Portuguese officer c.1810-14, and
that the sitter was an officer seconded from the British Army appointed to
senior command in the Portuguese forces during the Peninsular War.

Possibly, but by no means certain, one candidate is General Rowland Hill,
1st Viscount Hill. There were others with the same decorations.

Circa 1815

sizes are for the canvas, unframed


Height 234 cm / 92 "
Width 142 cm / 56"